Himesh Reshammiya's upcoming movie 'Badass Ravi Kumar' all set to release on THIS date - Check out the poster⁩ | Business Upturn

Himesh Reshammiya’s upcoming movie ‘Badass Ravi Kumar’ all set to release on THIS date – Check out the poster⁩

As Ravi Kumar in the upcoming action comedy Badass Ravi Kumar, Himesh Reshammiya is preparing to light up the silver screen once more. Himesh previously appeared in The Xposé in 2014 as the action hero, and this spin-off is his second appearance in the role. Himesh promises to unleash his inner action hero in all of his glory, and the upcoming movie will feature Ravi Kumar at his savage best.

The upcoming film’s release date was recently announced by the filmmakers. The makers of the movie have stated that it will be released in theatres by Dussehra on October 11, 2024.


The teaser was released a few weeks ago. The teaser appears to be a mishmash of every ingredient that makes up an action film. From Ravi Kumar’s machine gun wielding persona to his slow motion walks leaving explosions in his path, to his assortment of numerous identities, the picture appears to have practically everything an action buff wants, not to mention some one liners almost as outrageous as the action sequences.

According to the new film’s overview on YouTube, Badass Ravi Kumar will pit the titular protagonist against ‘sensational’ antagonist. The film is a second part of The Xposé, which is available on ZEE5. The original film also featured Zoya Afroz, Sonali Raut, Irrfan Khan, and Honey Singh.

The screenplay for Badass Ravi Kumar was written by Himesh Bakshi and Kushal Bakshi, and it was made under the former’s production company, Himesh Reshammiya Melodies. The film’s soundtrack was also written by Himesh. Just one day after its publication, the teaser has received over 9 million views.