Hathras Rape Case: Kriti Sanon, Vir Das, Swara Bhaskar slam BJP MLA for his sexist remarks on the case

BJP MLA Surendra Singh recently passed a comment saying girls should be taught ‘sanskar’ so that rape doesn’t happen, gets slammed by Bollywood celebs for doing so.

It has been more than eight years since the Nirbhaya incident but it doesn’t seem anything has changed yet. The recent Hathras rape case has caused a national outrage on the increasing rape cases and prevalent casteism of the society.  On 3rd October, BJP MLA Surendra Singh from the Bairia constituency in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia passed a sexist remark on that case during a media interaction that didn’t go well with netizens. Bollywood celebrities took to their social media handles to call out the politician on his blatant misogyny.

During the media interaction, the politician took the task of justifying rapes and said rapes in the country can be stopped if daughters are inculcated with “good values”. He said, “Incidents like these can be stopped with help of good values, na shashan se na talwar se. All parents should teach their daughters good values. It’s only the combination of government & good values that can make the country beautiful.”


Reacting to his statement, actor Kriti Sanon tweeted, “Teach daughters how to not get raped??? Can he hear himself talk? THIS is the MINDSET that needs to change! It’s so messed up! Why can’t they give some sanskaar to their sons???”

Swara Bhaskar also spoke her mind, saying “Yeh ghatiya aadmi purana paapi hai (This disgusting man is an old sinner). #rapedefender BJP MLA Surendra Singh.”

Comedian Vir Das sarcastically said ” I agree. Family is important. Parents…raise your sons not to think like this creep.”

Check out the tweets:



Netizens have agreed with their statement and have praised them for raising