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Has Aamir Khan shelved his much awaited project ‘Mahabharat’?

Aamir Khan has reportedly already signed five films, now recently he is shooting for Laal Singh Chaddha alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has reportedly shelved his plan to create a mega web series on the Hindu epic Mahabharat. According to the Bollywood Hungama, it was said that the actor was devoting 2-3 years of his career to make the mythological epic a reality in several parts for the web platform. But it seems like that is not happening any time soon.

The source said, “After weighing all pros and cons, Aamir Khan has decided not to make the Mahabharat. For one it would willy-nilly become controversial. More importantly, the scale on which he planned the project was commercially not viable. Also, setting aside five years of his precious time for the Mahabharat meant losing out on doing at least three feature films. So no. No Mahabharat.”

Another source says that, “Aamir Khan thinks this is not the right time for Mahabharat. He says the actor doesn’t want to get engaged in any controversy. Which is why he has shelved the project for the time being. He continues saying that Mahabharat  was going to be a whopping 1000cr project. This is a lot of money, and the actor doesn’t want to take any risk while investing such hefty amounts. He is ambitious enough for Mahabharat, but at the same time concerned too.”

Last year during the pandemic Aamir Khan gathered controversy by visiting Turkish President’s house in Istanbul. The meeting came in the backdrop of sharp deterioration in the official relationship between India and Turkey.

Indian government officials had recently expressed serious apprehension on the funding received by radical Islamist organisations operating in Kashmir and Kerala from Turkish outfits backed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.