Harshvardhan Rane gives a positive ray on how to cope with COVID-19 and, help people


COVID-19 is amplifying day by day all over the country and is recording more than four lakhs cases daily, . During the tough time when the Health care system has impaired. Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Rane tested positive during the first wave of the COVID-19 virus, according to the sources the actor said
“I started coughing, then slowly it turned into fever. I started to feel weak and for first few days was trying to cure myself at home having regular medicines. But the fever didn’t subside and on the fifth day, I was admitted to the hospital,” Harsh shares. and further added “I started valuing social life a little more. I also realized the meaning of true friendship, as my friend, Minnakshi, took care of me. Family is not something you get just by blood, but it can also consist of friends who you meet on the journey,” he smiles.
The actor added The actor recently sold off his bike to raise some money to procure oxygen for the ones in need. When asked to speak on the same, the actor is reluctant initially, but then keeps it short, “I had something parked in my house, which was of no use. I felt horrible, just started looking at ways to get rid of it. In the world people are not able to breathe, so this move is not even a drop in the ocean.” &. “I don’t want to sound politically correct and give an advice about Covid because no body listens to anyone. But all I would say is, be selfish and protect your family. If everyone does that, we will all not hurt anyone else. Safety will be a byproduct of being selfish,” he concludes.