Gisele Bundchen reveals making changes to her diet helped her overcome panic attacks and depression

For Gisele Bundchen, mental health starts from the kitchen.

The supermodel told The View co-hosts Thursday that she recovered from “severe depression and panic attacks in [her] early 20s” by making changes in her diet.


“I had no idea it was correlated with my lifestyle and food was a big part of it,” she recalled. Further she added that she was not really paying any attention, and was going 100 miles an hour.

After a year and half of “going through all the specialists” and having “one of the worst times of [he] life,” the supermodel did not know what to do and started seeing a naturopathic doctor.

She recalled that the doctor had advised her on to making changes in her diet, to which she had wondered how diet is related to the panic attacks, and the doctor had to clarify that everything has to be related to the diet.

“Everything changed,” she gushed. She stated that she became a different as she started practicing yoga and eating healthy. She noted, “Food, for me, is medicine.”