George Santos slaps lawsuit to Jimmy Kimmel and Disney over Cameo pranks

George Santos seems to have never met a misrepresentation or camera that he did not like, except when it comes to Jimmy Kimmel.

The expelled GOP ex- Congressman from New York today has hit the late-night host, ABC and Disney with a fraud and copyright infringement lawsuit over the host’s admitted punking and pranking the politician via a personalized celebrity messaging site Cameo.


Santos and his attorneys have claimed that Cameo’s fine print terms of service do not allow users or clients to put the purchased video up on national TV. The fraud claim is because ‘Defendant Kimmel misrepresented himself and his motive to include Plaintiff to create personalized videos for his sole purpose of capitalizing on and ridiculing Plaintiff’s gregarious personality.”

Neither of the reps from Kimmel or Disney have commented on the matter.

Santos is considered a public figure due to his short-lived and scandalous one year in Congress.