Filmmaker Gautam Benegal passes away due to cardiac arrest

National Award-winning film-maker Gautam Benegal passed away at the age of 56.

Writer, cartoonist and filmmaker Gataum Benegal, passed away due to cardiac arrest at the age of 56. His friend and artist Kaizaad Kotwal took to his social media handle and wrote, “I am in deep shock. Gautam Benegal is no more. Just yesterday we were exchanging messages. What a huge loss to all of India, especially her artistic, intellectual and progressive denizens. I still cannot process this. RIP Gautam.”

Image credit: Facebook/KaizaadKotwal

After the news went live on his friend’s account, the audience took the comment section to mourn for the artist. One of the netizens wrote, “Gautam, can’t believe you have left this space for good. Reading your informative, inspiring, enthralling but distinctly succinct and acerbic posts made my day and I shall miss you.” whereas his another friend said, “what a terribly shocking news. Cannot believe it. A Facebook friend for many years, is suddenly gone. A great talent, a painter, writer, animator, illustrator, documentary filmmaker, gone forever. Unbelievably sad. To say that you will be missed Gautam, is an understatement.”

Image credit: Facebook/GautamBenegal

Gautam Benegal is a National-award winning animation filmmaker. From his initial years, he occupied a marked mastery of writing and graphic crafts. At age 16, at the invitation of Satyajit Ray, renowned director and columnist of the children’s magazine “Sandesh”, his illustrations and articles frequently appeared in ‘Sandesh’ and frequently in other publications.

His animation movies, particularly the ‘Kelvinator Penguin’ and ‘Handyplast Boy’ are popularly recognised figures. He has created films for the Films Division of India and his movies have also been nominated for film festivals in Teheran, Belarus, Hiroshima, and Cairo among other places.

Gautam Benegal, was also a freelance painter, cartoonist and journalist associated with the Times of India and DNA. The writer had received the National award (Rajatkamal) Best animation Film for 2010: The Prince and the Crown of Stone.

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