Gauahar Khan’s husband Zaid Darbar reacts on his controversial post says, ‘Sometimes humour can go wrong’

Zaid Darbar posted a photo with a homeless man and joked a ‘wife joke’ below it.

Actress and television host Gauahar Khan’s husband, choreographer and social media star Zaid Darbar, has responded to the ‘insensitive’ and ‘disgusting’ Instagram story that received widespread criticism.

For those who are unaware, Zaid tweeted a photo of a homeless man on the streets of Mumbai, along with a ‘wife joke’.


“No AC, no fan, no darkness, but still sleeping so peacefully because no wife?” he captioned the photo. He also tagged Gauahar and said, “But I am the most peaceful with you, Jaanu.” “I love you, Jaanu.”

Netizens quickly attacked him for the offensive joke.

Later, Zaid shared on his Instagram account that he had accepted his error. He also stated that he respects all humans and did not intend to violate anyone’s privacy.

“A story that I had posted is gathering some negativity. Sometimes humour can go wrong. And there is no harm in accepting flaws. After all, To Err is human. Didn’t mean to invade anyone’s privacy, I have utmost respect for all human kind and I act upon that in my life. The story was deleted immediately upon realisation. God bless all,” he wrote.




Zaid is the son of Ismail Darbar, a veteran performer and songwriter. He is a choreographer by profession. He has more than 5.4 million Instagram followers.

Gauahar encountered Zaid at a grocery shop during the COVID-19 lockdown, after which the choreographer DM’d the actress with a courteous note. He flatters Gauahar by declaring her “the most beautiful woman he has ever seen,” and it certainly works on the actress, who is immediately smitten by Zaid’s charisma.

The two then started speaking and soon began going on drives and dates, during which they fell head over heels in love. They eventually decided to marry and said their vows in December 2020.On May 10, 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy called Zehaan.