Gadar 2 star Sunny Deol faces serious accusations of cheating and forgery by filmmakers – Read

Sunny Deol’s name is currently embroiled in a controversy after he was accused of cheating and forgery. A filmmaker has filed a complaint against him.

Sunny Deol is a well-known figure in the cinema industry. The actor made a return to glory to theatres with Gadar 2. With this film, the actor smashed every professional record he had set.

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s Gadar 2 was one of the top-grossing films of 2023. After his triumph, Sunny Deol has been the director’s favourite option. He has been inundated with projects, and indications indicate that he has an even busier schedule ahead. However, Sunny Deol is currently embroiled in a controversy after being accused of cheating and forgery.


According to a story in the Hindustan Times, a film producer named Sorav Gupta has made serious claims against Sunny Deol. He added that Sunny Deol agreed to be a part of his project in 2016.

The actor allegedly got money from him in advance but did not shoot for it. Sorav Gupta told the portal that he had given Sunny Deol an advance of Rs 1 crore. However, in 2017, the actor shot for Poster Boys rather than his own project.

Furthermore, the filmmaker said that the actor repeatedly asked for money. He alleges he sent Sunny Deol roughly Rs 2.55 crore. Sorav Gupta also charges Sunny Deol of falsifying documents and agreements.

He was quoted saying, “When we read the agreement, humne dekha ki unhonein toh panna hi change kar diya beech wala, jahan par fees ka amount ₹4cr ko badha kar ₹8cr kar diya aur profit to ₹2cr kar diya.” As per the report, a police case has now been filed against the actor and a notice has been sent to him.

Another film producer, Suneel Darshan, backed Sourav Gupta’s assertions. He revealed that Sunny Deol had obtained rights to his film Ajay from overseas distribution, but he did not receive the whole amount.

According to the reports, an industry source refers to Sunny Deol as a ‘known troublemaker’. He revealed that Sunny Deol signed a film named Ram Janmbhumi for Rs 5 crore, but after the success of Gadar 2, he sought Rs 25 crore. Sunny Deol and his staff have yet to make an official statement on these allegations.

The actor is rumoured to be working on several projects. He will appear in the film Lahore 1947, produced by Aamir Khan. According to several speculations, Sunny Deol will play Lord Hanuman in Nitesh Tiwari’s next film Ramayana, which stars Ranbir Kapoor.