From the son of a bus driver to an actor- KGF star Yash recounts his greatest achievement

Yash recently talked with The Week about how he overcame his inferiority complex and transformed from a bus driver’s son to a confident actor.

Yash, a Kannada actor, catapulted to stardom as a pan-Indian actor with just one film, KGF, which shattered box office records and left many huge names behind. After beginning his career in television, Yash starred in a few Kannada films before becoming a South Indian celebrity with no bounds. However, as the son of a bus driver, Yash has come a long way on his own, by pure commitment and hard work, and his story is truly fascinating.

In a recent interview with The Week, Yash revealed how he overcame his inferiority complex and transformed from a bus driver’s son to a confident actor. Yash said, “That is my biggest achievement. It is not about my box-office numbers or the benefits I get being a star. I think every star is made in his head. The battle you have to fight is within you. People might term you as a small-town boy and say that your English is not good or the way you dress is below par. But I feel all of this can be learnt.”

He added,  “If you are confident, then everything will fall into place and by confidence, I don’t just mean confidence. They say knowledge eradicates fear. Explore and learn the craft. If someone is talking about cinema, then learn about cinema. Then you understand cinema in such a way that you need not be scared. You will be scared when you don’t know. When one prepares for an examination, one is not scared. I think it is all about how much you are willing to put in for what you want. You should not listen to the world, but rather believe in yourself. If someone tells you something cannot be done, you can still do it. And if you have that uniqueness, there is no need to be scared of anyone.”

Following the phenomenal success of KGF: Chapter 2, Yash is getting ready for the next installment, KGF 3.

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