From Aamir Khan to Hrithik Roshan , here’s a list of top 7 Bollywood actors who underwent physical changes for roles

Actors frequently find themselves embracing demanding roles that involve not just emotional depth but also physical transformations in the bright world of Bollywood, where the magic of cinema unfolds on the silver screen. The ability to truly walk into the shoes of a character has been the hallmark of some of the industry’s most talented actors.

Today, we dive into the fascinating world of Bollywood, where dedication knows no bounds and performers have gone above and beyond. The top 7 actors underwent physical transformations, reshaping their bodies to bring their roles to life.

1) Aamir Khan – ‘Dangal’ (2016):
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Dubbed the ‘perfectionist’ of Bollywood, Aamir Khan took method acting to new heights in his role as Mahavir Singh Phogat in ‘Dangal.’ Khan had a stunning physical metamorphosis while portraying both the younger and older versions of the wrestler. From gaining weight to bulk up for the elder Phogat to losing weight for the younger version, Aamir Khan’s dedication to authenticity wowed spectators.


2) Ranveer Singh – ‘Padmaavat’ (2018):
Ranveer Singh got jacked as hell in just 6 weeks. Here's a before-after  picture for proof | Bollywood - Hindustan Times
Ranveer Singh, a high-energy performer, wowed audiences with his portrayal of the dark Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat.’ The actor not only dived deeply into the character’s thoughts but also transformed physically, increasing muscle mass and adopting a bald appearance. Singh’s commitment to the performance left a lasting impression, making Khilji one of Bollywood’s most unforgettable villains.

3) Farhan Akhtar – ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ (2013):
Farhan Akhtar Transformation Journey Will Give You Serious Fitness Goals |  FITPASS
Farhan Akhtar experienced a stunning physical transformation to bring the inspiring narrative of great Indian athlete Milkha Singh to life in ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.’ Akhtar’s dedication to the job was vital in its success, from his tough training schedule to create the athlete’s lean physique to honing his running style.

4) Vidya Balan – ‘Kahaani 2’ (2016):
Vidya Balan on being fat-shamed: I have had hormonal problems all my life,  may be due to judgement I have about my body | Bollywood - Hindustan Times
Known for her versatility, Vidya Balan took on a hard character in ‘Kahaani 2,’ portraying a woman suffering from a rare disease that caused her to gain weight quickly. Balan not only wore a prosthetic belly, but she also altered her body language to properly convey her character’s physical and emotional struggles.

5) Rajkummar Rao – ‘Trapped’ (2016):
Rajkumar Rao's shocking body transformation has Twitter going berserk -  Times of India
In the survival drama ‘Trapped,’ Rajkummar Rao underwent a significant physical transformation to portray a man who gets trapped in an apartment without food and water. The actor shed a significant amount of weight, demonstrating his dedication to his art. Both reviewers and viewers praised Rao’s raw and attractive performance in the picture.

6) Priyanka Chopra – ‘Mary Kom’ (2014):
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To bring Olympic boxer Mary Kom’s amazing journey to the big screen, Priyanka Chopra underwent an extreme physical change for the part. Chopra accepted the challenges of portraying a real-life athlete, from intense training to growing muscle mass, expressing the essence of Mary Kom with sincerity and determination.

7) Hrithik Roshan – ‘Super 30’ (2019):
Hrithik Roshan Six Pack Abs Exercise: Watch How Hrithik Roshan Transformed  His Body From 'Super 30' to 'War'
Hrithik Roshan, known for his Greek god-like physique, surprised audiences with his transformation in ‘Super 30,’ where he portrayed mathematician Anand Kumar. Roshan lost his flashy image to play a modest Bihar teacher, altering not just his physical look but also his mannerisms and speech patterns.