Fasting for 16 hours a day is the secret for Rahul Vaidya's amazing physical transformation, admits that "it does get very difficult" - See pics | Business Upturn

Fasting for 16 hours a day is the secret for Rahul Vaidya’s amazing physical transformation, admits that “it does get very difficult” – See pics

Ever since Rahul Vaidya started practising intermittent fasting, he has lost weight. The musician has admitted that after dropping weight, he feels better.

Rahul Vaidya recently stunned everyone with his physical change. In his recent images, the former Bigg Boss 14 competitor showed off his chiselled abs. Rahul spoke extensively about losing weight when his images went viral online. The musician said in an interview that since he started intermittent fasting, he had lost weight.

In his Instagram post, Vaidya also made note of his 16-hour daily fast. Rahul feels better after going through this shift, albeit acknowledging that it might be challenging.

Rahul Vaidya stated in an interview with Hindustan Times that he fasts continuously rather than just intermittently because he believes it is best for cell regeneration.

“My body type is such that anything that I do for about 20 days or three weeks, it suddenly shows an effect on my body. I’ve lost weight since I started. I look much leaner and I feel better. When you’re fasting, it does get very difficult. You just have to divert yourself from cravings and tell yourself that there is more to this world than just eating. It’s when you pay attention to the better things in life.” he further stated.

Since Rahul cannot workout due to his back injury, the singer thought of fasting to lose weight. “I have actually been suffering from a back injury, which has made my back really weak and it doesn’t allow me to work out. I was putting on weight and I was getting heavier. So I thought if I’m not able to burn the calories, I might as well block the intake. When I read about fasting, I was quite fascinated because it has a lot of benefits. I have been fasting for about a month and a half now,” he said.