Farhan Akhtar and Richa Chadha criticize perfume ads, by calling out ‘tasteless, twisted minds’

Farhan Akhtar, Richa Chadha, and Sona Mohapatra have all expressed their displeasure with the perfume advertisements on Twitter. Farhan called that they have ‘tasteless and twisted minds,’. He also described it as “shameful.”

Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar, actress Richa Chadha, and singer Sona Mohapatra all tweeted shortly after consumers criticized a brand’s perfume commercials for allegedly glorifying rape culture. The creators were chastised by Farhan for their “tasteless and twisted minds.” Layer’r, a body spray brand, featured a couple having an intimate moment inside a room in one of their advertisements. Three men entered, implying that they, too, would take a shot. As the woman feared that they spoke about her, one of the men took a perfume bottle.

Farhan tweeted, “What incredibly tasteless and twisted minds it must take to think up, approve and create these stinking body spray ‘gang rape’ innuendo ads..!! Shameful.”


Richa Shared a tweet and wrote, “This ad is not an accident. To make an ad, a brand goes through several layers of decision making. Creatives, script, agency, client, casting… Does everyone think rape is a joke? Revelatory! This brand, the agency that made this ad need to be sued for the filth they’re serving.”

Sharing a tweet, Sona wrote, “Theme – Gang-rape. Gagging after I saw it here on my Twitter timeline & wondering if giving them additional publicity is worse.”

According to news agency ANI, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has already ordered the commercial to be halted. According to the advertising code, an inquiry has also been launched. The advertising sparked a widespread outcry on social media, prompting the government to respond.