Fans criticise reporter for asking Vicky Kaushal if he will divorce Katrina Kaif in order to find a better actress – Watch

Vicky was questioned if he would ever divorce Katrina Kaif if he found a better heroine at the trailer launch event.

Vicky Kaushal, a Bollywood actor, attended the premiere of the trailer for his next movie Zara Hatke Zara Bachke on Monday alongside co-star Sara Ali Khan. The Laxman Utekar-directed movie follows their relationship from marriage through divorce.

Vicky was questioned if he would ever divorce Katrina Kaif if he found another heroine during the trailer launch ceremony.


To which the actor laughed and replied, “Shaam ko ghar bhi jaana hai. Aise aise tedhe mehde sawal puch rahe ho, baccha hu abhi bada toh ho lene do, kaise jawab du iska main. Itna khatarnaak sawal pucha hai. Sir, janmo janmo tak.” (I have to go back home in the evening. Why are you asking such questions, I am just a kid, let me grow up. How can I answer this? Such a dangerous question. Till eternity).

Fans criticised the journalist for posting the footage on Instagram shortly after it was provided by a paparazzi, expressing their disappointment.

“There will never be another Katrina Kaif in Bollywood or anyone else better than her. She’s one of a kind,” a fan said.
Another comment on the post said, “He married to the love of his life…and u dumb heada asking such questions.”
Another remark read, “Kuch bhi puchte he media wale…. nonsense.”

Another user said, “I could she the anger on Vicky’s face when the journalist asked him the question but he controlled it somehow.”
A fan wrote, “Seriously shame on you guys. Aise questions jaake apne maa baap se pucho.”

Prior to being married in December 2021 in front of their close friends and family, Katrina and Vicky dated for a while. The two had never taken their relationship public before getting married, and they had never spoken openly about their affection.

However, they frequently appeared at cinema events and in front of each other’s homes.