Family of Sarath Babu denounces his death rumours, claims 'Sarath Babu is not dead' | Business Upturn

Family of Sarath Babu denounces his death rumours, claims ‘Sarath Babu is not dead’

Sarath Babu who was hospitalized a few days back after some health issues is said to be recovering well. His family denounces the fake rumours spreading about his death on various social media platforms.

Sathyam Babu Dixithulu, prominently known by his stage name Sarath Babu is an Indian actor is mostly works in Tamil and Telugu entertainment industry, was taken to hospital on April 20, 2023 for the second time in recent weeks, after transferred from Hyderabad to Bengaluru as he was not keeping well for quite a long time.

The 71 years old actor is reportedly going under some treatments for multi organ damage, as according to some sources, Sarath Babu has suffered from a disease named Sepsis, which affects some of the major body organs such as Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver and their functions, making it very difficult for the human body to keep working well on its own, hence it needs to be treated immediately as it can be extremely life-threatening.

But to the relief of his family, friends and followers, according to the doctors and medical experts, he has been recovering well already. However, the rumours of his sudden demise are spreading like a fire on my social media platforms. reacting to the rumours, Sarath Babu’s sister spoke to the media and informed everyone that the actor is recovering well and slowly, and he was recently taken to the general room from the ICU.

The family of the veteran actor requested to the public to not spread such unethical and false rumours. she stated, “All the news about Sarath Babu on social media is wrong. He has recovered a bit and the room has been shifted. I hope that Sarath Babu will recover completely soon and talk to the media. I urge everyone to not spread or believe the ongoing rumours on social media.”