EXCLUSIVE: ‘What Are The Odds?’ actress Yashaswini Dayama reveals she was asked to audition for a mother’s role

A few days ago, Netflix dropped a charming, new age, a not-so-complicated story about teens ‘What are the odds’, which featured Abhay Deol, Yashwini Dayama and Karanvir Malhotra. This unusual story had unusually distinguished characters, and the story stems out from strange beginnings.

In an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, Yashaswini talked about various aspects of the movie, revealed her dynamics with Karanvir, commented on Bollywood versus web series and she also spoke about how some casting calls made her feel outrageous!

Yashaswini played the character of ‘Vivek’ in the movie, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who is sloppy, and rule breaker and likes to create a world of her own thoughts.

Before this movie, she has appeared in the role of a teenager/school girl in Made in Heaven, Delhi Crime, Love You Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and we asked her about being typecast in this industry to which she said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t call it being typecast at least in my head in my journey. All the schoolgirl roles, which you want to put under one umbrella, is different to me. At some point, I felt nostalgic because I was out in the real world, I was trying to become an adult, I just wanted to crawl back into my shell and go back to school. And then I got these opportunities where I can be a schoolgirl, so it felt very serendipitous to me, and I knew at some point I was going to be told ‘arey ye to khali school girl ke roles krrhi h’.

She further told us, “It’s fine if I look like a 15-year-old. I know for a fact that I can’t be a film heroine, and don a perfect body and do conventional roles because I don’t have that in me, so I know that whatever is coming to me is real and right for me.”

Yashaswini, also believes that though cinema provides superstardom, the new branches in the industry are getting equivalent to that of the silver screen if not more.

She said, “When I was growing up, if I wanted to be an actor, it meant Bollywood, but now when you are growing up at this time, there are so many different branches of this industry and it’s not necessarily less than Bollywood. Bollywood is definitely still up there because it can give you crazy superstardom but you can probably get the same if you do a crazy Netflix show maybe. That’s the power of OTT. It can still give you the superstardom, there are many more ways to satisfy the keeda inside you”.

Yashaswini has a pretty face and although she is 24 years old, she mostly gets roles of a teenage girl, courtesy her facial attributes! However, there was an exception to this one time!

Well, she got a call from a casting coordinator who wanted to audition for a mother’s role! Quipped she, “I remember this one time I had done some work by then and some lady had gotten in touch with me. She said that they have a part and asked that if I can send them my pictures. That part was extremely weird, and I said do you know what I look like, and she said no. How can you cast me for something when you don’t know how I look”.

What are the odds? is directed by Megha Ramaswamy and the web film is receiving rave reviews from the audience. It was released on Netflix on 20th May,’20

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