Exclusive: Swwapnil Joshi feels there's a lot to 'learn', "I would like people to pledge to 'teach' less" | Business Upturn

Exclusive: Swwapnil Joshi feels there’s a lot to ‘learn’, “I would like people to pledge to ‘teach’ less”

Swwapnil on the ocassion of Teachers’ day talks about how his teachers taught him to not learn from a single person, but to learn from anything and everything.

From playing innocent Kusha in Uttar Ramayana, Krishna in Ramanand Sagar’s mythological series to his hugely celebrated roles in Marathi movies like ‘Duniyadari’ or Mogra Phulaalaa, actor Swwapnil Joshi has been entertaining his fans since a very young age. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Swwapnil had a candid moment while speaking to Business Upturn. Sharing his feelings, ‘Samantar’ actor spoke about how grateful he is to the teachers in his life.

“I am grateful to all the teachers in my life and the most important and valuable thing which teachers taught me is to not learn from any one particular teacher. The thing I learnt from them is about how everybody, every living and non-living thing around us teaches us something or else. So instead of saying ‘A’ teacher taught me something and B teacher the other one, I would say that teachers collectively have taught me to ‘Keep learning.’ Swwapnil spoke about how one can learn a lot of things from surroundings. “There’s still so much to learn from Nature, from Television, from Social media! I am thankful to my teachers who taught me to have a perspective and eagerness to learn and develop. Amid all the hoopla around, this Teachers’ day I would like people to pledge to learn more and teach less.”

Swwapnil enjoyed his time with family in the lockdown and also created his own YouTube channel called ‘Pillu TV’ which has got a huge response from his fans in a very short span of time. “I have been always traveling for work but this lockdown has really given me some moments to relax and sit back at home enjoying some unadulterated time with my family.”

From mythology, comedy, crime and romance, Swwapnil has been a part of multiple films and shows in these genres. While mentioning his forth coming projects the actor said, “I have tried my hands on Horror genre for the first time , the film called ‘Bali ‘ which means a victim, is going to be a pure horror film. We are ready to release it but due to pandemic situation are waiting for the theaters to reopen.” Not only that, Swwapnil also is expected to work for a some major brand endorsements. Actor also opened up about the second season of his digital thriller-suspense series ‘Samantar’ saying that they are expecting to begin the shoot in coming months.