EXCLUSIVE: Sehban Azim says, ‘It’s an unusual Eid’ rues about not being able to be with family

Eid is a very special festival, not just for a particular community, rather for the entire mankind. Id signifies love, unity and affection. The world over is celebrating EID today. However, the times are pretty different. The entire globe is reeling under the Coronavirus scare. Lockdown has been imposed and people are not getting out of their houses. In our part of the world too the picture is pretty dismal.

No one is going out of their houses and meetings and gatherings are happening virtually and the festival, its celebrations too have taken a setback! The film and television industry too are in the same line.


There are a few actors who are Muslims and one amongst them is Sehban Azim. Sehban is one of the most handsome actors on TV but he is also someone who likes to maintain a low profile.

We exclusively got in touch with Sehban to know how has he been celebrating EID and also what is keeping him away from staying in the limelight. The lad was pretty elated to have a chat with us. The Tujhse Hai Raabta actor who believes it is not just him but “the world too has kept a low profile”, said, “I love it more when the work speaks for me.”

He went on to sound a little despondent about not being able to meet his family during EID. Quipped he, “Everything is just so so, I have not been able to get back home. I am here just with my brother.”

He further rued, “My family is in Delhi and it is an unusual EID.” He further went on to say, “If I get time before the shoot starts, I will surely go to meet my parents. So, it is unusual, just kept Rozas.” He also said that there has been nothing special cooked for the festival also and that he has been carrying out his chores just like any other regular day at home. “I decided not to buy anything new and rather donate as much as possible. I keep on doing the same things on loop. Just wake up, clean the house, wash the utensils, cook food, watch television and go off to bed and the next day do the same things on loop.”

Azim further rued, “Eid is mostly about meeting your loved ones and I am unable to do that.” He concluded!
We understand what the actor implies, yet we wish him all the very best in life and wish this EID really happens to be ‘Mubarak’ for him.