EXCLUSIVE: Rejctx actress Saadhika Syal gets candid about her lesbian scenes, says people are accepting towards same-gender-love nowadays

Actress Saadhika Syal, is being highly appreciated for her bold and engaging role as ‘Sehmat’ in Goldie Behl’s directorial RejctX-Season 1 and 2, which was premiered on Zee 5 Network. Saadhika had also performed exceptionally well in a small yet powerful role in the show 4 More Shots Please on Amazon Prime. Saadhika was recently seen in a web series titled “It’s My Pleasure”.

In an exclusive conversation with Business Upturn, Saadhika got candid about her most appreciated role ‘Sehmat’ in Zee5’s RejctX Season 1 & 2 and her other projects.


What was the motive behind ‘RejctX’? Do you think Gender Fluidity is well accepted in a country like India?

“Section 377 becoming legal in India, shows that people are becoming more liberal & accepting. Post the release of the show, I’ve received messages wherein people have told me that they now have the courage to express their love towards the same gender. I am sure that there are families that may not accept gender fluidity, but we can only hope with time, people become more accepting. The idea behind making RejctX, with such sensitive topics, was to give an insight into the lives of the current generation. With Sehmat’s character, we wanted to give a message that it’s okay to love anybody because love is love at the end of the day.”

How is Sehmat different in both the seasons of RejctX?

“Sehmat is a 16 year old high school girl who is gender fluid. Season 1 explored her timid and confusing side. She is in love with both Maddy and Misha but she is not loved back by any of them, whereas in season 2; we explore Sehmat’s bold and badass side. She’s a confident girl who is over her confusion & is out there to get what she wants.”

Were you comfortable making love with the same gender? Were you worried about the reaction of your parents and audience?

“Yes, it was definitely challenging. However, being a trained actor, I knew ways to make it as real as possible and my director was there to guide me constantly. Moreover, I was only worried about my parents and no one else. Fortunately, I have supportive parents and they understand that this is my profession.

Tell us something about “It’s my pleasure”

“It’s my pleasure is a very sweet story about the journey of a guy from a small town, who wants to quit his 9 am-5 pm job and start something of his own. He wants to provide solutions to sexual problems faced by people. Since he fears that his girlfriend and family might not be okay with it, he keeps it hidden initially. It also explores the sweet love story of Raahi (me) with Raman, having 9 episodes in total.”

Who is your inspiration?

I am a die-hard fan of Madhuri Dixit Nene & have been strongly inspired by her dance moves and expressions since childhood. I can dance anytime/anywhere to her song ‘Channe Ke Khet Main’ song. I dream of dancing with her one day on the big screen. Another actor whose work really inspires me is the one & only – Meryl Streep.

What were the challenges faced by you as a newbie?

“I think challenges are faced by everyone but the best way to deal with it is, to enjoy the process and embrace the things coming your way. I was never put down by the fact that I was giving so many auditions. But, my first break was ‘Four More Shots Please’ and I got it after giving over 150 auditions. I just try and analyze my weak points and work towards getting better each day.

On the work front, Saadhika Syal will be seen in her upcoming movie directed by Mr. Rajat Kapoor. She will also be seen in an art film that may release in the year 2020. However, the title of the movie is still not decided.