EXCLUSIVE: Rakhi Sawant REVEALS why she went to ex-husband Adil Durrani’s residence with JCB

In an exclusive chat with Business Upturn, Rakhi Sawant revealed the reason.

Rakhi Sawant arrived at her estranged husband Adil Durrani’s residence in Mysuru on a JCB on Sunday. Sawant made a “grand entry” above a bulldozer in videos that went viral on social media. She is greeted with flowers and a band ensemble. She reportedly rushed straight to Durrani’s house after receiving her brand-new BMW.

Rakhi Sawant reached us over chat and has now disclosed why she took JCB to ex-husband Adil Durrani’s residence. When questioned why, she replied, “Yeh isleyh tha.. ki yogi ji ne har burayi par bulldozer chalte hai.” She further added, “Adil aur uske parents ne mere saath bhaut bura kiya, toh har burayi par mera bulldozer chalega.”


She is seen wearing a blue kurti and white oversized jacket. Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani shared the video and wrote in the caption, “Rakhi Sawant reaches her in law’s house in JCB.”

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, netizens have had mixed views of her recent move. While some thought Sawant was “brave” enough to accomplish anything like this, others thought she was going too far.

Rakhi Sawant married Adil Khan Durrani in a traditional nikaah ceremony in 2022. She, on the other hand, filed for divorce earlier this year, accusing him of cheating and domestic abuse. Adil, who was imprisoned for a few months, disputed all of the allegations and said that Sawant had falsely accused him of rape.

She released an audio tape of Adil’s ex-girlfriend last week.

“Adil Khan’s ex-girlfriend Irani girl, Adil is giving Dhamki to kill her because she spoke truth sent of police to spoil her life abuse, her life she wants to kill her because she sent him to Mysore jail for six months. Janta listens to all the audio carefully Irani girl is in danger. I’m worried about her because Adil told me he will not leave her because of the 376 Dhara rape case against him. This is too much all the evidence in front of you guys listen carefully. She called me and this is the audio. When she was in Mysore. She called me a few months ago,” she captioned the recording.