Exclusive: Pratik Gandhi reveals, his mother cooked Chef Ranveer Brar’s recipes and sent him photos of the dish

Actor Prateek Gandhi, who is best known for the role of Harshad Mehta in his recent and most loved Indian web series ‘Scam 1992’ talks about his new show ‘You got Chef’d’.

You got Chef’d is a cooking channel where known personalities share their experiences and bond with the chef over food and drinks. The Gujarati actor was recently spotted on the sets of the show season 3 with Chef Ranveer Brar where he was seen exploring his culinary skills with the chef itself.

While speaking to Business Upturn, Digi Hunt hosted by Sandip Pal, the actor revealed about his mothers reaction for the show with Ranveer Brar. He said, ” my mother was the happiest person when she learned about me doing the cooking show with Ranveer Brar as she loves cooking.”
He further added,” she is a huge fan of Ranveer and that she keeps cooking his recipes at least twice a week.”

Preteen also mentioned about the chefs reaction after he told him about his mother being Ranveer’s fan. He even shared that after knowing about it, the chef invited his mother to the show and how they both( mother and the chef) exchanged photos of the chef’s recipes made by her.

When asked about the actors experience on cooking with Ranveer, he stated “standing alongside with the great chef and cooking along with him is a dream.” He further added,” the chef is a super cool and a sweet guy who motivates to cook even if a person lacks in culinary skills.”

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