Exclusive: Anveshi Jain says, Independence means you are free yet responsible to use freedom wisely

Anveshi Jain, actress, singer, and model, has worked in a web series Gandii Baat 2 is here. She is also a YouTuber and social media influencer, who has been keeping the audience entertained during the lockdown with her live sessions and her own app.

We got into an exclusive conversation with the actress and she spoke about Independence day and the memories that pertain to the celebration. She tells us, “We live in a free, diverse country where colour, food habits and linguistic change every mile. And yet we celebrate the great diversity as one nation. So, what can be a bigger feeling of pride”.

Adding on, “As a child wearing little flags on the uniform and running around with paper flags in hand was truly fun. The best part was the flag hoisting ceremony and sweets distribution”. The actress also mentioned that she would steal sweets from her fellow mates and redistribute them to enjoy the feeling of a leader.

The actress is busy shooting this Independence Day, “I’m shooting my first music video on this auspicious day”, she concluded.

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