Exclusive: Actress Shreya Patel sheds light on Human Trafficking in India

Shreya revealed her experience when she interviewed a domestic trafficking victim.

Shreya Patel is an Indo-Canadian actress, writer and a director; apart from these, she strongly advocates mental health issues. In an exclusive interview with DigiHunt, BusinessUpturn, the actress revealed how flesh trade happens in India.

When the actress was asked about how did she think of a movie based on human trafficking, the actress said while she was a model, she also was doing some charity work around the world and that is when she thought of telling stories; stories to give ways to the people who are not empowered. And then when she went back to Canada, she made a documentary on human trafficking by fluke.

Shreya revealed her experience when she interviewed a domestic trafficking victim. She added, “I thought I was interviewing a girl who was coming out of the prostitution world and she is trying to get back into the community and I was like how does it feel to be back in the community you quit. The girl was like, “Oh no like I was actually domestic human traffic.””

The actress further added about how we normally think that domestically human trafficking is done by kidnapping someone and pushing them into the world of prostitution. The actress added, “That’s not the case in first world countries. someone that you know, and most likely your boyfriend will slowly invest time in you and overtime will go like, “you know what, we want to start a family we don’t have a house,” you know manipulate her slowly into getting into the stripping and then eventually getting it money.”

The Indo-canadian actress revealed how the girls are then blackmailed. She said, ” And then they blackmail girls saying, “I have pictures and videos of you if you don’t continue with this then I’m gonna tell your family.””

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