Ex-Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat shares a post on Instagram, ,’Audience is bored with Salman Khan’s brain-numbing movies’

Salman Khan’s films are brain, and he hasn’t matured as much as his viewers have: Sofia Hayat, a Bigg Boss 7 participant, comes out against celebrity in her latest Instagram post.

For more than a decade, actor Salman Khan has hosted the reality show Bigg Boss, and he has become one of the country’s most popular TV hosts. While many are admirers of the way he grills the show’s competitors and gives them an honest critique from outside the Bigg Boss house, former competitor Sofia Hayat believes Salman has a lot to learn.

Sofia questioned Salman’s work ethics and film selections in her most recent interview with the Times of India. The actor, who appeared on Bigg Boss Season 7, claimed that the celebrity has taken advantage of his followers by delivering them the same frivolous storylines on-screen and labelling them as big releases at festivals. She then said that today’s viewers are knowledgeable and know what to reject and love.


Calling his films ‘brain numbing’, Sofia said, “Salman Khan has been using the same tricks every time he releases a movie. He releases on Eid, using the religious festivity as a promotional day, profiting from a spiritual day. He also releases the same clichéd storylines, same cheesy looks to camera, same clichéd girl meets boy story, (always using a younger model each time, isn’t it about time you cast a girl your own age to star opposite you?), and the same clichéd cheesy lines. What he has not done is to grow. His audiences have clearly grown and are fed up with the same regurgitated storylines that quite clearly brain-numbing..”

She also talked about not getting back on stage with Salman in Bigg Boss. Sofia said she chose not to share the BB stage with Salman because she didn’t believe in being on the same platform as that of him. “I myself chose not to appear on stage on BB final next to Salman because my morality and truth is stronger than my ego,” she said.