Ed Sheeran talks about his daughter and what he believes to be her first word

Ed Sheeran talked about his one-year old daughter, revealing what he thinks about her first word.

On Sunday, November 15, Ed Sheeran attended the Europe Music Awards 2021 in Budapest, Hungary. The artist took up the Best Song and Best Artist Awards, making him the night’s top winner. When asked how his one-year-old daughter was doing on his red carpet appearance at the event, Sheeran spoke with Entertainment Tonight and had the loveliest words to say about her.

When asked about his daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, the Shape Of You singer said she was spending time with her grandparents at his parents’ house. The musician confessed that he isn’t sure if his daughter has started talking yet or what her first word was for one reason.


Sheeran replied in response to a question regarding his daughter’s first word, “I’m not sure, you see. Because I’ve been saying ‘dad’ but pointing at randoms**t for a while. So, yeah, I’m undecided.” Ed not only won the top prize at the Europe Music Awards 2021, but he also performed at the event. Sheeran picked home the Best Song prize for his most recent release, Bad Habits.

Taylor Swift and the singer recently cooperated on the re-released album Red (Taylor’s Version). Ed took to Instagram to tell the tale behind their song Run, writing, “Run was the first song I ever wrote with @taylorswift, and Everything Has Changed was the second. Both of them were re-recorded for Red (Taylor’s Version), which came out today, and they’re fantastic. It’s great to be able to revisit these.”