Drake drops ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ featuring AI Tupac and Snoop Dogg vocals amidst Kendrick Lamar feud

In the latest chapter of the ongoing saga between Drake and a segment of the hip-hop community, the Canadian rapper has once again made headlines with the release of his track, “Taylor Made Freestyle.” This latest offering showcases A.I. generated vocals from hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg, serving as a bridge between diss records in anticipation of Kendrick Lamar’s response to Drake’s recent “Push Ups.”

On “Taylor Made Freestyle,” listeners are treated to an imaginative dialogue where a simulated Tupac addresses Lamar’s silence since his verse on “Like That,” a diss track that sparked this feud. The artificial Shakur urges Lamar to step up, asserting his place in hip-hop history while daring him to respond.


Drake amplifies the tension by incorporating Snoop Dogg’s computer-generated vocals, challenging Lamar’s next move. The track simmers with anticipation as Drake sets the stage for what promises to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing exchange.

Speculation abounds regarding the authenticity of the Tupac and Snoop Dogg verses, with many suggesting that Drake himself performed these lines and utilized A.I. technology to manipulate their sound. However, Drake clarifies in his own verse at the song’s conclusion that “Taylor Made Freestyle” serves as a placeholder until Lamar delivers his response.

Acknowledging the cultural zeitgeist surrounding Taylor Swift’s latest album release, Drake suggests that Lamar may be delaying his reply due to external factors. He humorously remarks on the dominance of Swift’s album, playfully implying that Lamar’s response may be subject to her approval.

This feud traces its origins to Lamar’s surprise verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That,” where he took issue with his portrayal in J. Cole’s track “First Person Shooter.” Since then, the hip-hop landscape has been ablaze with diss tracks and retaliations, culminating in Drake’s own “Push Ups.”

With “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Drake keeps the momentum going, adding another layer of intrigue to this unfolding drama. As fans eagerly await Lamar’s next move, Drake’s strategic release ensures that the spotlight remains firmly fixed on this high-stakes confrontation.

As tensions escalate and anticipation mounts, one thing is certain: the hip-hop world eagerly awaits Kendrick Lamar’s response, poised to witness the next chapter in this riveting feud.