Divya Khosla Kumar says ‘Pearl V Puri was about to sign a very big Project soon but its all gone’

Pearl V Puri Rape Case: Divya Khosla Kumar, who worked with the actor on the song video ‘Teri Aankhon Mein,’ said that Pearl was on the approach of signing a very major film but that everything is now gone.

Actor Pearl V Puri, who was detained by Mumbai police in a child rape and molestation case, has got backing from various TV celebrities and claims that he is “innocent” and is “being framed” in the case. Pearl was on the verge of signing a very major film, according to Divya Khosla Kumar, who collaborated with the actor for the song video ‘Teri Aankhon Mein.’

Reacting to the impact of accusations will be on his career, she said, “Who will be accountable for his aborted career if and when he is proven not guilty? It’s a very serious charge, and it will have far-reaching repercussions on Pearl’s career. He was just starting out in life. Television had given him stardom. And I can tell you, he was on the verge of signing a very big film. Now everything is lost.”


Earlier today, she also shared a long Instagram post questioning the role of the victim’s parents in the case against Pearl. She wrote, “Now the police have arrested Pearl … I want to know why the police did not arrest him in 2019 when this case was filed … the reason is that In the FIR filed it was mentioned that the child was molested when she was with the mother. Pearl’s name was nowhere in the FIR. (I’ve read the FIR myself when Pearl’s mother forwarded it to me yesterday when she called me for help) Ekta Sharma in her calls with Ekta Kapoor clearly says that her husband is a psychotic person, who has mentally & physically abused her, she’s got several proofs for the same, she clears the case by saying that Pearl is innocent & nothing like this happened on the sets (sic)”


According to Sanjaykumar Patil, DCP, Mira Bhayander Vasai Virar (MBVV) Commmissionerate, the alleged incident occurred in October 2019 on the Vasai film set, where Pearl was filming. The victim and her mother, a TV star, were on the set of the film. The event was discovered by the minor’s mother after the youngster complained of abdominal ache. Her father, who had previously worked with Puri, lodged a complaint with the Versova police station. The matter was forwarded to Waliv police, and following an inquiry, it was discovered that Puri was involved in the event. On Friday, he was called to the Waliv police station and arrested.