Disha Vakani (Daya Behen) of Tarak Mehta fame, is shocked to see Tapu AKA Bhavya Gandhi’s beard over video call

Bhavya Gandhi revealed how his on screen mother in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’, actress Disha Vakani, reacts to him growing a beard now that he is all grown up.

Bhavya Gandhi, who become popular for his role of ‘Tapu’ in the television show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, reveals how he is still in contact with on-screen mother Disha Vakani, a.k.a Daya. Bhavya almost grew up on the sets on the show alongside reel mother Disha Vakani. They both quit the longest-running show in 2017 and are badly missed by the fans.

In an interview with ETimes, when asked Bhavya if he is in contact with Disha Vakani, he says that they have frequent video calls. He adds, “We definitely have these video calls sometimes, and every time, she sees me, she goes, ‘Aahhh, whatt, beard?’ (laughs) I say, yes, I’ve got a beard now. She has never seen me in a beard, so she gets shocked. I say, ‘Haan, aave gaiyo’ (Yes, they’ve grown), and I am growing them more.”


Further, he also reveals that he is in touch with his Tapu Sena, “I am in touch with everyone. I am doing films right now, and the schedule is different than that of TV. So, I don’t like disturbing them, but they always know that Bhavya is around. If they need me for something, I am always here. I am doing a film, it will be like out of 12 months, 4 months I must be busy, and rest of the months, I am just with the family, my friends, working on myself, learning new things.”

Bhavya had quit the show as he felt there was nothing to explore, and at a point in TMKOC, he was doing a monotonous role and nothing else. However, he got replaced with a 19-year-old teenager, Raj Anadkat, and is doing his job amazingly.

Meanwhile, Bhavya is currently focusing on Gujarati films and wants to explore more as an artist.