Director Katte Ramchandra passes away at 75

Katte Ramachandra, a film director, died in Bengaluru of an age-related ailment.

In Bengaluru, film director Katte Ramachandra died of age-related disease. He was 75 years old at the time. Today is expected to be the day of the final rites. He has directed, performed in, and produced numerous films and serials during his four-decade career.

Katte Ramachandra was born on February 15, 1947. Sandalwood business remembers him for his work. He directs the Viashaka Dingalu, a film with Vishnuvardhan in the lead role, released in April 1993. Also, he has produced serials such as Mane Mane Kathe and Alegalu and has worked on various films such as Arivu.

He also appeared in Ondu Premada Kathe, Prema Mathsara, Grahana, Nammamma Thayi Annamma, and other films. Many Kannada projects, including Chomanda Dudi, Ghatashraddha, and Geejagana Godu, included Ramachandra as dubbing artists. He had stayed away from industry operations due to an age-related factor.

Shivaram, a veteran artist, died in December of last year. He was taken to the hospital after falling at his Bengaluru home. Shivaram has worked with great performers such as Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, and Ambareesh over the course of his six-decade career.


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