Director Amole Gupte opens up about Shraddha Kapoor backing out of ‘Saina’

“She was unwell couldn’t not train for 12 hours,” says Amole Gupte on Shraddha Kapoor backing out of ‘Saina.’

‘Saina’ starring Parineeti Chopra in the lead is all set for its release. Director Amole Gupte opens up about the replacement of Shraddha Kapoor with Parineeti in the film.

The film was initially offered to Shraddha Kapoor and was in the making until a few weeks later Shraddha fell ill with dengue and could not give her hundered percent to the preparation process of her character, she then backed out of the film. In 2019, she was replaced with Parineeti Chopra. 


In an interview with Amole Gupte said Kapoor’s health made it difficult for her to train for long and exhausting hours for the sports drama.

“Initially we had Shraddha in the film, who was completely prepared for the role, which is why we started shooting. But then she fell ill, she got dengue which took the wind out of her. Since it was a sports film, she couldn’t muster the courage to come for 12 hours and stand on a badminton court while she was unwell,” the filmmaker said.

With ‘Saina,’ Amote Gupte’s returns to direction after long four years.

He further talks about Parineeti Chopra stepping in as Saina. “Parineeti is a wonderful actor. In six months, she picked up badminton skills and worked with utmost dedication. She is a clever actor, she allows you to see her best. You can’t give 15 years of your life to learn badminton and then come on floors,” he said.

He further added, “An actor will naturally have limited time to work on. The idea was that it should be accepted as good badminton and she delivered that.”