Dino Morea to make Telugu debut with spy thriller ‘Agent’

In the Telugu movie, Dino Morea portrays as an antagonist opposite Mammootty.

The rise of OTT platforms has proven to be beneficial for Dino Morea. In recent years, the actor had the opportunity to display a new side of himself in well-known series like Hostages season 2, Tandav, and The Empire. He will now carry on with the action genre by taking on the role of the antagonist in Agent, his debut Telugu film.

Dino claimed that because to his reputation, he was never given the chance to display his vicious side in the beginning of his career. In a statement, he stated, “Filmmakers simply saw me as this cute, good-looking guy next door in the earlier stages of my career. I was offered the role of a romantic hero, but I never had the chance to work on a film with intense action. Due to my physical fitness and flexibility, I have a knack for action, but no one has ever used that aspect of my personality. I’m looking forward to performing some raw, brutal action in Agent.”


Dino described his character in further detail, saying, “I play a rogue agent. He is an anti-hero and a bit crazy. I’m showing off my beard and lengthy hair. I haven’t seen my face without facial hair in almost three years. For The Empire, I grew out my hair and beard, and I haven’t cut either since.”

The actor acknowledged that he enjoys playing evil characters. The audience enjoys witnessing it when a bad character is given a certain level of craziness. Even as a young child, I found that the antagonists in James Bond films stayed in my memory more so than the main character. Look at The Dark Knight; the Joker is a memorable character there,” he remarked.

Agent, starring Mammootty, Akhil Akkineni, and Sakshi Vaidya, is directed by Surender Reddy. It’s interesting to note that God is the name of Dino’s character in the film. Agent is set to release this year.