Did you know, Deepika Padukone’s bodyguard earns this much in a year!

Actors life is full of limelight, they are always surrounded by their over enthusiastic admirers. Thus, bodyguards plays a huge role in a celebrity’s life. They make sure that the celebrity is safe and secured and for ensuring that they are always on their toes to ensure the particular celebrity they are responsible for should never get hurt in any case. One such bodyguard is Jalal, Superstar Deepika Padukone’s bodyguard.

Jalal has been associated with Deepika since many years now. He is often seen in almost every picture of the actor, whenever she gets papped. Jalal is like family to the Chhapak actor and there are talks about how Deepika ties him Rakhi as well on Rakshabandhan. Jalal lead the Ladkiwaale side in Ranveer-Deepika Italy wedding.

Well ever wondered how much a bodyguard might be able earning and now considering how close Jalal is to Deepika.Well in one of 2017’s report by Jansatta, it was told that Jalal earns around 80 Lakhs per year. Though the official salery statements of celebrity bodyguards have never been revealed but if the reports are to be believed, who knows Jalal might be earning in crores by now, considering he was earning 80 Lakhs 3 years ago.

Take a look at some pictures of Jalal with Deepika

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