Did Sonakshi Sinha date Shahid Kapoor? Actress sheds light on her marriage plans

Bollywood star, Sonakshi Sinha is often addressed by her nickname ‘Sona’ and the actress has a separate fanbase. She is always appreciated by her bold acting skills. She isn’t delicate like the other actresses, but yes, she a typical tomboy!

Recently, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Sonakshi spoke about the time when she was linked to her co-actor Shahid Kapoor. The Dabangg actress says that the rumours never bothered her. After a while, a fan asked if she was really dating or considering dating Shahid Kapoor while they shot for R Rajkumar.


Sonakshi slammed the fan with her reply, “I feel like sometimes people just, these rumours just start; people don’t have many things to talk about. When two single people are shooting, they are like, ‘oh what to do, chalo let’s start a rumour. It is quite funny. It did not bother me. Shahid and me are good friends even today. At that time, we would laugh it off too. It never bothered us.”

Talking about her own wedding plans, Sona said it’s something that she will do when she is ready for it. “My family doesn’t pressurize me because they see how happy I am. They know I am working and enjoying my work. And I have to find a boy, only then I can get married.” she said.