Did Pakistani actress Nawal Saeed reveal that Shoaib Malik flirted with her? Here’s what we know

Following accusations made by actress Nawal Saeed, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik is involved in new cheating claims, despite his recent marriage to actress Sana Javed. He was previously married to Sania Mirza.

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik is involved in cheating allegations once more, following statements made by actress Nawal Saeed during an interview with Pakistan’s Green TV Entertainment.

Nawal Saeed revealed that she had received multiple SMS messages from married or committed cricketers, including Malik. Although she did not specifically mention him, her reply implied his involvement, creating significant conjecture.


Saeed expressed her disgust, emphasising that cricketers, as role models for many, should desist from such behaviour. Her statements fueled more conjecture, with some social media users seeing her reply as confirmation of Malik’s involvement.

These charges emerge following Malik’s marriage to actress Sana Javed earlier this year. Journalist Naeem Hanif earlier revealed Malik’s alleged adultery, stating he had been dating Javed for three years while she was still married to Umair Jaswal.

Despite efforts to salvage the situation, including family involvement, Malik’s alleged extramarital encounters reportedly strained his marriage with Sania Mirza, resulting in their divorce.

Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik recently celebrated his newlywed wife’s birthday and shared an Instagram post with Sana Javed. She captioned the post, “Just the two of us 🌹 Thank you for the lovely birthday husband♥️”