Deepika Padukone mistaken for Brazilian Model Camila Alves

After Priyanka Chopra and Persis Khambatta, Deepika Padukone is the third Indian to present at the Academy Awards, making history. The actress was looking stunning in a black  Louis Viton gown. She gave, everyone in attendance at the event, an introduction to the RRR song Naatu Naatu which won an award in the Best original song category. Social media users appeared to be very impressed by her speech; they praised her for her graceful and calm manner and for not trying to pull off a fake American accent on such a prominent platform.

Despite the fact that the star scarcely needs an introduction, Deepika was wrongly identified as Brazilian beauty Camila Alves by Getty Images and afterward by Vogue. Brazilian fashion designer and model Camila Alves McConaughey. She is married to American actor Matthew McConaughey. Internet users highlighted the gaffe by sharing a screenshot of Getty Images’ careless post where Deepika Padukone was mistaken for Camila Alves. In addition to Getty, AFP and Vogue also made the same error, which was eventually found by social media users.


This misidentification by the west has left fans angry and they took on Twitter to school Hollywood. Shared on Twitter by multiple fans, they were outraged at the error made by all three media outlets. “Deepika’s actually quite famous in her own right- 72 million Instagram followers and an award-winning career,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another fan wrote “racism at its best”, and  Another tweeted, “I’m crying…this is giving unprofessionalism, ignorance and racism. ask your bloggers to research and review before posting stuff. This is Deepika Padukone,” while a third added, “She is not Camila Alves. She is Bollywood royalty DEEPIKA PADUKONE.”