Deepika Padukone gets mobbed, her bag gets pulled while she tried to escape a huge crowd

On her way to her car, getting out of a restaurant, Deepika gets mobbed by the huge crowd she was trying to escape.

Actress Deepika Padukone has a crazy fan-following and it is quite fair to call her Bollywood’s only female superstar post-2010. Although that same fan-following can sometimes take on a crazy proportion, which Deepika seemed to have experienced earlier this year, in February.

While the actress was exiting a restaurant in Mumbai, where the superstar was to be present to unwind after her shoot, a large crowd gathered and mobbed her. Deepika found it difficult to make it toward her car, despite her bodyguards being present. The car was parked a stone’s throw away from the restaurant she had come out from, and just before she was about to reach her vehicle, her bag was pulled by someone. It took a great effort by her bodyguard and the paparazzi who were gathered to help release it. Watch the scary scene that took place