‘Crown’ by king sparks controversy: Netizens draw parallels to Honey Singh’s style

In a recent development in the music industry, the renowned artist King has released a new music video titled ‘Crown’. However, netizens have quickly taken to social media platforms, expressing their opinions that the song bears a striking resemblance to the style of another well-known artist, Honey Singh. The similarities have led some to label ‘Crown’ as a potential copy of Honey Singh’s distinctive musical approach.

‘Crown’ marks King’s latest venture into the music scene, and while it has garnered attention for its catchy beats and vibrant visuals, the comparisons to Honey Singh’s signature musical style are hard to ignore. The track features an upbeat tempo, playful lyrics, and a fusion of contemporary beats – all elements reminiscent of Honey Singh’s past hits.


The instant buzz on, Instagram suggests that listeners are drawing parallels between ‘Crown’ and some of Honey Singh’s chart-topping tracks. Comments and discussions have been flooding in, with users debating whether ‘Crown’ truly imitates Honey Singh’s music or if it’s merely a coincidence in the genre.

A user’s comment on King’s music video reads, “You’ve copied Yo Yo Honey Singh.” Another user’s comment states, “It seems like they’re copying everything of Yo Yo Honey Singh.” Similarly, someone else expressed, “Bro, you’re attempting to replicate the old Honey Singh.” Another netizen added, “Bring me back; it feels somewhat like Honey Singh’s style.”

King has unveiled a fresh track named “Crown” as part of his latest album ‘NEW LIFE’. “Crown” was officially launched on August 23, 2023, at noon. Following the song’s release, he posted a reel on his Instagram. The song features contributions from KING, Natania, and lyrics by KING, David Arkwright, Natania Lalwani, and Miranda Glory. The music was produced by David Arkwright and jointly composed by KING, David Arkwright, Natania Lalwani, and Miranda Glory.