Chrisann Pereira’s first Video call with brother after being released from the prison

The 27-year-old Bollywood actress, Chrisann Pereira who was arrested in Dubai for allegedly carrying drugs with her, was finally released from jail yesterday.

On Wednesday, her Brother Kevin Pereira took over his Instagram handle and shared the video he recorded while being on a video call with her sister Chrisann.


He captioned the Video “Chrisann is SET FREE!!! She will be in India in the next 48 hours”. After watching the post, many supporters came forward and expressed their relief in the comments section. One user commented, “We are so happy for your family!cannot imagine what you were all going through. The grace and the perseverance your family displayed is admirable. Wishing you all peaceful family time together.”

In the video, Chrisann was seen in tears as she talked with her family. Her mother said “You are free. This is amazing.”

Bollywood actress Chrisann Pereira, known for her work in Balta House and Sadak-2, was arrested in UAE for carrying a memento that has drugs inside it, however, it turns out to be nothing but a well-planned conspiracy.

Two men named Anthony Paul, a bakery owner and Rajesh Bobhate, an assistant general manager of a bank were arrested for planning out the conspiracy to seek revenge due to a fight over a dog.

The Investigation revealed that the accused Anthony’s sister was involved in a fight with Chrisann’s mother over a dog, as they reside in the same building.

As per the investigation, Anthony allegedly approached the actress with the help of Rajesh who disguised himself as a Talent consultant and lied to Chrisann about an audition for a web series called Sharjah.

He asked the actress to carry a memento as a prop for the audition. He also told her to carry a trophy with her, which had hidden drugs in it.