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Check out how Deepika Padukone engages with her Instagram followers with the ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions

Deepika Padukone interacts with her Instagram followers, sharing information on her favourite cartoon character, her current favourite show, and much more. READ

The ‘Ask me Anything’ sessions on social media were facilitated on Monday by Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. The Q&A sessions have frequently been hosted by the actress in the past. This discussion became interesting as the celebrity discussed her skincare routine, current projects, favourite cartoon character, and much more.

The Padmavat star shared a few videos on her Instagram stories in which she was seen responding to questions from her followers.

What are you working on at the moment? was the first question posed during the session. To which the actress responded, to which, the actress first did complained of the hot weather in the area she is in and then went on to say, “I am just breathing… (smiles) I am on a film set… aa no I am not on a film set. See that’s what the heat is doing to me. I am on a brand shoot set.”

She nodded in agreement when asked whether the shoot was over and if she was prepared to take questions for today, adding, she said, “Ya, let’s do it, it’s been a while.”

What is she now binge-watching, a second query from a fan, was answered by the actor with the statement that “no one will believe it is Indian Matchmaking.”

The leading matchmaker in Mumbai, Sima Taparia, is the subject of the Netflix original series Indian Matchmaking.

The Bollywood diva answered a fan’s question about her favourite cartoon character. She spoke openly, stating that “Scooby Doo” is her favourite animated character, and then she started singing the character’s catchy theme tune.

She was also questioned by a fan about her skincare line, wondering whether she could vouch for the goods and if she had actually tested them. The actor said, “Yes, very much. The 82e products are tested by me first, before it is tasted by anybody else.” Additionally, she provided details on the R&D team, noted that they are situated in Bengaluru, and promised to walk us through the entire process shortly. And further stated that she tests the things herself first.


Another user asked, ‘Dying to know the secret behind your super glowing skin.’ to which she said, “Well, actually my secret is always been is just keep it very very simple. I just stick to the basic fundamentals. Its sort of a mantra my mother taught me from when i was growing up. She was like, don’t do much to your skin, keep it simple, less is more. So just as a young kid when your mother tells you that… it just sticks with you so I kind of continued that throughout my journey and also, my skin routines… I will just focus on cleansing my skin, keeping my skin hydrated and using a sunscreen from protecting it from the sun. And thats really all I do.”

Last but not least, while she was wrapping up and heading back to the car to leave the Brand shoot location, she was asked to put on a fast tongue twister. She tried to say the catchphrase ‘She Sells Seashells on the Seashore,’ which is a well-known tongue twister, but she failed terribly. Even though she was dressed casually, she still looked stunning.