All you need to know about Elvish Yada FIR: Foreign girls called for se*ual proclivities, snake venom drug extracted for fun at rave

Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav has recently made headlines with a controversial incident. An FIR has been lodged against him for supplying snake venom and foreign girls at a rave party. The complaint is filed by the Noida Police in sector 49.

According to the reports, Police along with the Forest Department and Drugs Department had raided the rave party. Five people had been arrested from the place, who have identified themselves as Rahul, Jaikaran, Narayan, Titunath and Ravinath.


Gaurav Gupta, who is a welfare officer at the NGO People for Animals has filed a complaint stating that Elvish Yadav used to arrange parties at his farmhouse in Noida and NCR with his friends in an illegal manner. At these parties, foreign girls were being called for sexual proclivities and used to consume snake venom and other such medications.

On knowing this information, a whistleblower from Bollywood Zilla contacted Elvish Yadav to arrange a rave party for him and provide him with snake venom. The YouTuber had then given his agent’s name Rahul and told the whistleblower to contact him as he would organize everything.

After knowing the agent’s name, the whistleblower contacted Rahul, who was ready to get everything as Elvish’s name was mentioned. The whistleblower then told him to supply everything at a banquet hall in sector 51. He had informed DFO and Noida Police of these details. Rahul had reached the location with others. He had 9 snake venom with him. While doing the deal, he was being arrested along with others. Police have filed an FIR against Elvish Yadav with 6 others under the act of Animals Conservation Act.