Captain Dhoni Sparrow, Virat Ragnar Lothbrok, AI images of the Indian cricketers goes viral

Artificial intelligence has become a significant element in today’s era and not only has it made our lives easier but it has also lessened our work pressure. From getting featured content to creating realistic images, technology never seems to disappoint us.

The artificial intelligence enthusiast Jyo John Muller has been in the news for making naturalistic images of certain celebrities through ai software. Ranging from Barack Obama to Cristino Ronaldo, the artist has developed many such amazing pictorial crafts with incredible backgrounds. Recently, he uploaded two pictures on his official Instagram handle and it seems like the illustrations are getting recognition in huge numbers by the Indian audience.


The first picture is of the former captain of the Indian Cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is portrayed as Captain Jack Sparrow with the almost same accessories and features. He is stated as Captian Dhoni Sparrow in the image and the post is captioned as, “Meet ‘Captian Dhoni Sparrow’ from team ‘Pirates of Chennai.’

The second image is of the versatile batsman Virat Kohli and captioned, “Meet the first character ‘Virat Ragnar Lothbrok’ From team RCB Vikings.” Jyo even mentioned that the pictures have been made from the  AI software Midjourney. After seeing the images, it appears like they closely resemble the characters, Captain Jack Sparrow and Ragnar Lothbrok from the film ‘The Real Vikings.’