‘Captain America’ Chris Evans turns 39 and we can not keep calm!

With all his might, the endeavour that’s sure to take him to the peak!
Love that clean-shaven look, that’s what we call panache!


Not just another pose!
A man and his dog and their love!
Yep Boy! a much younger Evans, pretty cool .. huh!
Couldn’t care any less!
We love that skin tone and the play of the beige and white going on, oh and the mullings!
Those forehead furrows and that intent look… What’s in your mind?
What a sculpted man!
Class! Class! Class!
Hot, clever, charming, humours? Who else can be a better Captain America?
If you respond like that, we gonna keep calling your name for eternity
Mr. Sleek
Posh, Royal… Evans
Did you notice the tattoo, or still stuck at eyes!
Always smooth! Always
Like a Panther!
You looking at me?