Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta talks about working out and her idea of fitness

Tanushree Dutta: I’m indulging in sweets now, but after the festivals, I’ll get back to yoga and fasting.

Tanushree Dutta’s looking fit and fab in the happy season, however, she’s not after any exercise or diet plan right now. The Bollywood actress talks about working out, her idea of fitness, and more, in a talk.

She says, “I am on a break from my usual workout routine, strict diet and regime for a few months now. I was out and caught up a little. So, I’m indulging in food and doing yoga occasionally, to stay fit.”


She also admits, “I like to get off my stringent lifestyle to indulge a bit when I feel the need to feel grounded. I think it’s a good psychological exercise that keeps me feeling normal and motivates me for my next focus cycle. Post the festivals, I’m going to intensify my yoga practices, cut down on diet and start a fasting routine.” How significant is it to remain fit over getting a hot bod, we inquire? She explains, “Fitness is a state of mind more than just for looks. When you stay in that mindset long enough naturally, your metabolism kicks up and you can get away with a lot. I feel that a hot bod is a by-product of this focus.”

‘I keep some low-carb sweets for my night sweet tooth cravings’

For the occasion, there’s no rules and she’s enjoying the festive time, yet she will get back to her fitness mantra soon. She says, “Like I said, right now everything is on… sweets, biryani, fish, meat and potatoes, milk products, et al. I keep some low-carb sweets for my night sweet tooth cravings too. But after the pujos around Diwali, I will get back on track in a stronger way.”