Bobby Deol justifies marital rape scene in Animal, says, “How do you showcase a character in…”

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal is highly acclaimed by the audience. The film has received mixed reviews from the audience. It has been buzzing over social media for its inappropriate portrayal of characters in the film. Bobby Deol, who played the antagonist in the film opened up about how the marital rape scene in the film was necessary.

The statement created a huge fuss over the internet and the film has been blamed in huge numbers for glorifying misogynistic characters. In an interview with The Quint, Bobby revealed that he doesn’t pay attention to reviews. He said that he doesn’t even view his character Abrar as a villain.


When asked about the marital rape scene in the film, Bobby stated, “I’m not trying to promote anything. Yes, it was required. How do you showcase a character in such a short span, show what this man is capable of, what kind of person he is? All these scenes were required. When it was pointed out that films have the power to influence the masses, and that the masses already worship movie stars in India,” as reported by The Indian Express.

The actor said further, “We are influenced by what is happening in society as filmmakers. What is written, as a story, is an influence of what is happening in society. It exists in our society. We are not promoting it. We are actors, portraying characters, and entertaining people. And if that was the case, this film wouldn’t be a big hit.”

Bobby even revealed how his web series Aashram, turned out to be controversial. However, the audience seems to love it and view it in large numbers. When he was asked about the portrayal of misogynistic characters in the film and how it affects society, Bobby revealed by saying, “This is what’s happening in our society, and Animal is creating awareness that this kind of cruelty happens in the world we live in. I’ve seen it personally in so many places.”

The actress Mansi Taxak played the role of the youngest wife of Abrar among the three. Her character was the one that suffered in that scene. Despite the ruthless behaviour of Abrar, she says that his actions were justified in the film. As Abrar’s brother dies on the same day of his third marriage. That makes him lose control over his emotions and he couldn’t think straight.

Animal has attained a massive record at the box office. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Triptii Dimri in key roles.