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Billie Lourd reveals why she didn’t invite her mom’s siblings to Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Regarding the upcoming Carrie Fisher legacy celebration, Billie Lourd wants to clear up any misunderstandings.

Carrie Fisher’s siblings, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh Fisher, were not present for their mother’s May 4 posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony, according to the late Star Wars legend’s daughter, who acknowledged this on May 3.

According to a statement sent to E! News, Billie said, “the truth is I did not invite them to this ceremony.” “They understand why.” Todd claimed to TMZ on May 2 that the wedding had “omitted” him, which he found “truly hurtful.”

The third of May, her aunts posted on Instagram that Billie “chosen not to include us in this epic moment in our sister’s career.” Billie claimed that their messages prompted her to respond with a statement. “I have seen the postings and the press release issued by my mother’s brother and sister,” she stated.

“I’m sorry to everyone who reads this for feeling the need to publicly defend myself from these family members. But regrettably, I have to openly answer to their attack on me. She continued, saying that her decision was purposeful in light of her family’s allegedly inappropriate actions following Carrie’s death on December 27, 2016, and grandma Debbie Reynolds’ passing the following day.

Billie claimed that  “days after my mom passed away, her brother and her sister decided to publicly process their grief and profit from my mother’s passing.” They did numerous interviews and sold individual books for a lot of money with her mom and her grandmother’s deaths as the subject. She further added, “I learned that they had carried out this through the media. They did not consult me or take into account how this would impact our relationship.”

According to Billie, not many people actually knew the true dynamics between Carrie and her family.

Bryan Lourd, Billie’s father claimed, “Only I and those who were actually close to her know the truth about my mom’s very complicated relationship with her family.” “Though I recognize they have every right to do whatever they choose, their actions were very hurtful to me at the most difficult time in my life. I chose to and still choose to deal with her loss in a much different way.”

Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh were not invited to the wedding, and Billie has no regret about it. She said it was a conscious decision to do so in order to break a cycle with a way of life.

In regards to the ceremony that will soon take place, Billie is beyond excited to celebrate her mother’s life on a day that holds particular significance for Star Wars fans.

She added, “This star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was made possible by the people who knew and loved my mom at Disney and Lucasfilm to honour her legacy. Her accomplishments, and her significance to the world are the focus of this moment. The occasion will held on 4 May 2023.