Bigg Boss12 Winner Dipika Kakkar clarifies on Shoaib’s family treating her like housemaid

Recently, actress Dipika Kakkar opens up about Shoaib and his family abusing her as if she were a housekeeper at home.

Dipika Kakkar rose to prominence after appearing in Sasural Simar Ka. The actress has gained popularity on social media. Her outgoing demeanour earned her the title of Bigg Boss 12 winner. Her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, has been by her side during her adventure. Unfortunately, he and his family were suspected of abusing her as if she were a housekeeper at home.

Dipika married Raunak Samson in 2011, but the pair divorced four years later. While working on Sasural Simar Ka with Shoaib, she fell madly in love with Shoaib. Due to the interfaith nature of the wedding, the actress reportedly converted and switched her name to Faiza.


Shoaib Ibrahim’s father was just admitted to the hospital. As he was released, the couple generously offered him their bedroom to ensure his comfort. Dipika Kakar and Shoaib headed to their beds. Because other users saw this, they criticized the spouse and accused his family of keeping her as a slave.

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim responded to the trolls on Instagram live. “Uski privacy le li” (You have invaded her privacy), wrote one enthusiast. Dipika responded, You should be ashamed of yourself”. She further wrote, “These are the sorts of words you’ve been dropping to him, Even in these tough times, you all point out such pointless things and try to criticize us. she added. I feel sorry for you. My in-laws have treated me like a daughter, therefore I feel obligated to love and care for them as if they were my own children. We are willing to sleep in the car or on the side of the road for them.”