Bigg Boss 7 fame Apurva Agnihotri calls Bigg Boss ‘Scripted’ reacts to Bigg Boss 16’s last-minute winner change


The viewers first saw the television duo Apurva and Shilpa Agnihotri in Season 7 of the well-known reality series Bigg Boss. The pair had behaved honourably while inside the now. They have now exposed the negative aspects of the show in a brand-new vlog. They have made some stunning claims, ranging from Shilpa saying her husband missed out on a show because of Bigg Boss to Apurva saying the programme was “manufactured” and that some of his friends had been unhappy after it.

In a recent vlog, Apurva Agnihotri made a great point of referring to the contentious reality show Bigg Boss as “scripted.” Apurva and his wife Shilpa used their vlog to talk about their time on Bigg Boss 7 and to recall specific events.

Bigg Boss is not scripted, according to Shilpa, but Apurva argued that it is.

Talking about whether it is scripted, Shilpa said, “Bigg Boss is not scripted but everyone is aware and knows that if I want to be the ‘THE’ person then what is needed to be done. They have prerequisites – react karo, content do, fight, give your point of view, be assertive. If the personality is not like that, then what to do.”

Apurva disagreed, and she also provided some insight into why Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary did not win Bigg Boss 16. It’s scripted, he declared. Who will respond and how is known to the channel. And for that reason, in more recent seasons, many have started to predict. Finally, the producers were kind of forced to flip the script and shock everyone with the winner’s identity. We saw that during the most recent season as well, or otherwise everyone would have claimed that Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who may have been the winner, is the face of the channel. So, the programme has some scripted elements.


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Apurva also added that several contestants are mentally affected after the show gets over. He said, “Honestly, I wasn’t very kicked about it. I had the feeling that whatever name, fame and respect you have earned in your life, can be washed away in a snap. And it has happened with people. I know many friends, who after the show went through severe depression and took psychiatric help. No matter how thick-skinned or confident you are, it is difficult to digest all the trolling and negative comments that people talk about you outside the show.”

In spite of being asked every year since the show’s inception, Apurva and Shilpa claimed that it was only during the seventh season, when they were asked as a couple, that they decided to accept. Gauahar Khan was the show’s winner. When Apruva quit the programme after Shilpa in less than a month, she survived more than half of it.


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