Big Boss Winner Divya Agarwal soon to marry beau Varun Sood

Karan Johar’s recent hosted show, Big Boss 2021 winner, soon expects a ring engaging her relationship with her boyfriend, Varun Sood.

Big Boss 2021 winner Divya Agarwal, openly announces future planning of wedding shenanigans between Divya and her boyfriend Varun Sood, who also shared the trophy of the big boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar.

First met at the set of Ace Of Space Season 1, where they fell in love, proceed to participate in the Big Boss OTT 2021 as boyfriend and girlfriend, soon became the most loved celebrity couple after their win.


Divya Agarwal, in her recent interview with Pinkvilla , talks about her relationship with Varun Sood being in a committed one right from the beginning and had talked about marriage just then. According to her,no romantic relationship is a complete relationship if not hanging till marriage. She also shares Varun’s agreement on this thinking and having the bond and spark from the beginning.

Divya’s father seems to have spoiled his to-be Daamaad by pampering him very now and then, says Divya in her interview. She adds by saying, from all her relatives, Varun’s favorite person is her dad.

Throughout the years of being in the relationship, she shares how before the final commitment, they had planned a couple of goals to be reached before settling down and bringing both the families together. Earning together, getting a house together, planning, and helping each other out throughout the career, were the grips that made them and their bonds even stronger all the while.