Bharti Singh recalls being national-level rifle shooter

Comedian Bharti Singh recalled her struggle while becoming a national-level rifle shooter, in conversation with Maniesh Paul.


Comedian Bharti Singh was a rifle shooter, before getting into comedy. She was a national-level rifle shooter. In a recent conversation with Maniesh Paul, the comedian revealed that she used to save money to buy fruits and juice for her family by cutting down on her own food.

Bharti Singh said, “Now even I laugh when someone says this. Have you seen a fat girl lifting a rifle and taking aims? Athletes are slim and trim, seen in tracksuits. Yes, but it is true. I used to be a rifle shooter and even competed at the national level 12 years ago. I have represented Punjab in Pune.”

She recalled her practice days, and said, “We used to get free food from the government. I also got ₹15 per day. They used to give us three coupons of ₹5 each and we could get a glass of juice with one coupon. You won’t believe it, I used to have one glass of juice, just to ensure I have the energy to stand there for hours and practice rifle shooting. The rest, I would save. At the end of the month, I used to get fruits and juices in exchange for those coupons and take them home. I could hardly swallow that one glass of juice, daily. It felt like Diwali, the fruits would be all placed and everyone circled around waiting for one piece of fruit.”

Bharti Singh is one of the top comedians in India. She started her career with the show ‘The Laughter Challenger’, and is now seen in The Kapil Sharma Show. The comedian is also seen hosting the dance reality show, Dance Deewane 3 with husband Haarsh Limbaachiya.

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