Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani’s verbal fight turns into physical altercation; Here’s why

A verbal fight between Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani on Bigg Boss OTT’s angel-devil job escalated into a physical altercation, causing chaos. Bebika’s actions were criticised by Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav, and Manisha’s friend stood up for her. Bebika charged Manisha with wrongly accusing her and lusting after male attention. Bebika’s violent attitude went unrecognised by the other housemates, which sparked a verbal altercation between Abhishek and Bebika. When Pooja Bhatt declared the Devil squad the winner, the competitors began to argue with one another.

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, two teams competed in a “angel-devil” task. The angels were Abhishek, Manisha, Avinash, and Jad, and the devils were Bebika, Jiya, Elvish, and Aashika.


Bebika and Manisha got into an argument during the work that eventually turned physical. The same was protested to by Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, and others. Bebika and Manisha were accused of pushing one another during their verbal altercation.The candidates first performed the angel-devil job.

Bebika, a devil, was trying to elicit a response from Manisha by focusing on her. She began challenging her for fabricating an incident in which she said she had called her inadvertently while performing a duty.

Soon after beginning the task, the two started arguing verbally and used derogatory language towards one another. Manisha was reminded by Bebika of her accusation that she had used abusive language. Manisha asserted that she never did it and refuted the allegations. When Manisha began hugging although Bebika kept telling her not to, the situation worsened. During their furious exchange, Bebika was seen pushing Manisha. “You are desperate for attention, and your entire career is built on that,” Bebika remarked.